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Welcome to leevclarke.net

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This is my first ever website. Almost everything you see here is my own code, written from scratch by me. Here you will find some projects that I have been working on, which are available for you to download for completely free. I aim to have content that is suitable for all - but I do have a page dedicated to Grand Theft Auto 3, which is rated 18, so discretion is advised. You have been warned.

Other than that, everything here should be suitable for general viewing. Please note that there is more content here than you will see just by using the links on the menu at the bottom of each window - for example there are some essays I have written that are only linked from my Personal page.

New Visitors

If you are a new visitor, you are invited to familiarise yourself with my FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page, which contains information you might be interested in. Otherwise you can access all my main pages using the selection of links below, or search all my pages for keywords.

This site is not updated that much any more. If you want to keep up with my RuneScape progress, see my user page at the RuneScape wiki.

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