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A lot of people have Winamp these days - if you don't, then check it out via the link above. It is a completely FREE all-purpose sound player, and is especially good for playing MP3s. I wholeheartedly recommend it. One of the great things about it is that you can customise the look of Winamp by using a "skin". This changes the whole look of the Winamp window very quickly and easily to suit your mood or interests. I have created quite a few such skins myself, and have put a selection here for others to download, completely free as always.

Most skins here I made using a skinning program (see my Skinners page). Many of these skins I have created from other people's pictures - I hope that the people who own the rights to the pictures do not mind. :-) If you recognise any of the pictures here as being something that you own the legal rights to, and you object to my making it available for download here, then please contact me to tell me about it. Thank-you. Click the preview picture to begin download, and select "Run this program from its current location" (or whatever the equivalent is on your computer). This will automatically download the skin, install it into Winamp, load Winamp and bring up the new skin so that you can see it right away! To the best of my knowledge, this self-install cannot possibly carry any viruses as it's the exact same file format as an ordinary .zip, just with a different file extension. However I cannot accept any responsibility if your system suffers as a result of the download or install.

One other thing - there are plenty of other places to download skins than the official website. So if you can't find what you're looking for, try searching for Winamp skins in a search engine or look up Winamp skins in a web directory. And if you still can't find what you want, then why not make it yourself.

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Winamp Skins - Downloadable files will follow shortly!

[Winamp skin preview - Aaron Carter v2.2]

Aaron Carter v2.2

Aaron Carter - singer. Date of birth 7th December 1987. It's an old picture of him, but it's one I like. ;-) I know this skin makes him look as though he's got 8 fingers on his right hand, but that's just the way these things come out. :-p

File size: 221kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 5 secs

[Winamp skin preview - BGM v1.2]

BGM v1.2

Bassett Green Middle School (now Bassett Green Primary School) - my own primary school, which I attended between the ages of 8 and 12 years old. :-) Check out my personal page for more information and the official website.

File size: 107kB
Estimated download time: 31 secs

[Winamp skin preview - Blue Flames v1.2]

Blue Flames v1.2

When I saw the picture, I just had to skin it. Here is the result - I think it looks good.

File size: 214kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 3 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Chris "The Crippler" Benoit v1.2]

Chris "The Crippler" Benoit v1.2

I made this Chris Benoit skin for my little brother, as he's World Wrestling Entertainment mad. Unfortunately he's not Winamp skin mad, so it turned out to be a wasted effort. :-p Check out The Crippler's official website.

File size: 162kB
Estimated download time: 47 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Darth Maul v2.2]

Darth Maul v2.2

My nephew likes Darth Maul from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. I made this skin for other fans too.

File size: 295kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 26 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Double T v1.6]

Double T v1.6

A young singer. I made this skin from a picture of him - visit for more information about him and Tilmann S.

File size: 222kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 5 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Dr. Katz v1.2]

Dr. Katz v1.2

Dr. Katz - Professional Therapist. It was an animated comedy show from comedian Jonathan Katz, who played "himself" as a therapist. His clients included comedians and other celebrities, but the show has since been cancelled. :-( Be sure to check out my Dr. Katz screencaps on my Pictures webpage!

File size: 98kB
Estimated download time: 29 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Mark Hammond from The Getaway v1.0]

The Getaway - Mark Hammond v1.0

Mark Hammond from Crim-Sim video game The Getaway - a gritty, realistic experience that is more of a movie than a game. Set in modern-day London, it tells the story of a boy who is kidnapped and held hostage as his father if forced to go on suicide-missions for the kidnapper.

File size: 247kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 12 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Grand Theft Auto v1.3]

GTA v1.3

Ge-rand Theft Auto... ;-) The highly controversial Crim Sim from Take 2 Interactive and DMA Design.

File size: 178kB
Estimated download time: 52 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Grand Theft Auto London v2.21]

GTA London v2.21

Gran' Feft Aw-tow! This is GTA London 1969, and here's my Winamp skin to commemorate the occasion. ;-) Created using Skinner and my own Frame template.

File size: 41kB
Estimated download time: 12 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Grand Theft Auto 2 v1.6]

GTA2 v1.6

Here's the preview of my GTA2 Winamp skin, created with Skinner and my own Curved Wood template.

File size: 284kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 23 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Grand Theft Auto 3 v2.0]

GTA3 v2.0

GTA3 - the latest sequel from the Grand Theft Auto series to hit the world. It was about time I made a skin for this, as I'm a big fan of the game. ;-) Check out my GTA3 webpage for more information. You will probably want to set Winamp's playlist text size to at least about 14 in order to see the text properly, because I've used the Price Down font from, which is very similar to the GTA3 font.

File size: 208kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 1 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Hanson v2.2]

Hanson v2.2

My Winamp skin dedicated to the rock & roll trio. :-) It's an old picture, and we haven't heard anything from them for quite some time here in Britain, but I like this skin anyway - despite it not being a very good shot of Zac. :-p Click here to check out their official website.

File size: 260kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 16 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Jake Lloyd v2.2]

Jake Lloyd v2.2

A young actor, perhaps best known for his portrayal of the young Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Jake's date of birth is 3rd March 1989.

File size: 177kB
Estimated download time: 52 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Matthew Lawrence v1.2]

Matthew Lawrence v1.2

He's been an actor for a large portion of his life - known for his roles in "Mrs. Doubtfire" and "Boy Meets World", amongst others.

File size: 211kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 2 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Pinky & The Brain v1.2]

Pinky & The Brain v1.2

One of my favourite cartoons, this was originally shown as short episodes during "The Animaniacs". It wasn't long before they got their own spin-off series. Egad, Brain! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

File size: 253kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 14 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Queer As Folk A v1.2]

Queer As Folk A v1.2

Controversial gay drama series, set in Manchester, England. First series (about four hours total) screened on UK TV in February 1999, and was repeated one year later, followed by a two-hour sequel, which concluded the story (original and sequel are available on VHS and DVD). Queer As Folk has been imitated by an American version, which I believe has tried to turn it into an ongoing soap opera, but I've never seen any of that. This is a shot from the opening credits.

File size: 250kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 13 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Queer As Folk B v1.2]

Queer As Folk B v1.2

Vince Tyler (Craig Kelly, left) and best friend Stuart Jones (Aidan Gillen, middle) are pushing thirty, hitting the gay scene every night, and wondering where their lives are heading. Then Nathan Maloney (Charlie Hunnam, right) explodes into their lives. He's fifteen, and instantly falls in love with Stuart. But Stuart doesn't do boyfriends, and the resulting events are dramatic and at times hilariously funny. These three main characters are shown here as they appeared on the front of the soundtrack CD.

File size: 253kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 14 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Queer As Folk C v2.2]

Queer As Folk C v2.2

The three guys pictured atop Stuart's famous jeep. The word "queer" has been sprayed on the side by homophobic vandals. See episode one for more details...

File size: 229kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 7 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Queer As Folk D v2.2]

Queer As Folk D v2.2

This is the picture from the front of the script-book to the original series, which features scenes present in the final draft but edited from the series itself.

File size: 251kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 14 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Queer As Folk E v2.2]

Queer As Folk E v2.2

Hazel Tyler (Denise Black), Vince's mum.

File size: 223kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 5 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Queer As Folk F v2.2]

Queer As Folk F v2.2

Stuart with his sister Marie, pictured in front of the jeep.

File size: 197kB
Estimated download time: 58 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Queer As Folk G v2.2]

Queer As Folk G v2.2

Vince (left) and his best friend Stuart (right) have known each other since school, and Vince has remained as Stuart's faithful acolyte ever since. But when Vince finds himself with a boyfriend in the form of Cameron Roberts, they all start to realise why Vince still hangs around Stuart. All this time, he's secretly been in love with him...

File size: 233kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 8 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Queer As Folk H v2.2]

Queer As Folk H v2.2

Vince Tyler (Craig Kelly) by himself. Craig's movie appearances include Spice World: The Movie (look for him chatting to Ginger Spice) and Titanic with Leonardo diCaprio and Kate Winslet (ironically, this movie was actually referenced in the first episode of QAF).

File size: 262kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 17 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Queer As Folk 2 v2.3]

Queer As Folk 2 v2.3

The sequel to the original series Queer As Folk. Not quite as good as the original, but still well worth watching as it introduces new storylines, and draws each character and the story as a whole to their respective conclusions. The ending itself is a little Python-esque. This I made from my own scan of the DVD case.

File size: 171kB
Estimated download time: 50 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Resident Evil 2 v2.2]

Resident Evil 2 v2.2

Depicts Claire Redfield from Resident Evil 2, as she appeared at the end of the game.

File size: 183kB
Estimated download time: 54 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Scenic v1.2]

Scenic v1.2

A scene of tranquillity.

File size: 265kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 18 sec

[Winamp skin preview - The Sims Living It Up v1.6]

Sims: Living It Up v1.6

My own tribute to the first expansion pack for The Sims from Maxis. Curved Wood template again.

File size: 54kB
Estimated download time: 16 sec

[Winamp skin preview - The Swinging Sixties v1.2]

The Swinging Sixties v1.2

This was a very quickly-made skin. I guess that shows, but it's nice and psychedelic for those who like that sort of thing. :-)

File size: 232kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 8 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Tilmann S v2.2]

Tilmann S v2.2

Tilmann S is a singer like Double T. Check out their website here.

File size: 280kB
Estimated download time: 1 min, 22 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Triple H v1.2]

Triple H v1.2

It's the Game! Another WWE wrestler immortalised in Winamp. :-) His official website is located here.

File size: 180kB
Estimated download time: 53 sec

[Winamp skin preview - Windows XCVIII v2.42]

Windows XCVIII v2.42

In the style of Microsoft Windows explorer (from Windows '98, hence the name). I call it Windows XC for short. :-) This is the new version of the skin that was formerly just known as Windows. Completely revamped, and now features complete skinning! Windows explorer is a trademark of Microsoft.

File size: 28kB
Estimated download time: 8 sec

Want to make your own Winamp skins the easy way? Check out my Skinners page!